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Collaborate with Culture. 


Whether you are brewing up a new business, growing your retail presence, or launching a new product, Cultured Kombucha Co. is your trusted manufacturing partner in executing your product line.

Let the makers of Michigan's craft kombucha handle the production and packaging of your bottled, canned, bulk-packaged beverage or liquid ingredient while you focus on your business. 

Cultured has a wide range of capabilities for your project, and low minimums to help remove the barrier to entry so you can get your product out in minimal time.

We offer consultation services in person or via zoom to take your beverage business to the next level - anywhere! Cultured Kombucha Co. can offer many R&D services that can turn your unique vision of a beverage into a scalable product that can be produced by you, us, or another manufacturer. Contact us to inquire about availability and rates.


  • Decades of experience in the food and  beverage industry developing complex products.

  • Scale your business without having the investment of an expensive facility

  • Partner with a reputable production team with a wide knowledge base

  • A Certified Organic facility

  • Launch your product while limiting overhead costs and gaining valuable feedback

  • Established in an efficient, cohesive process

  • Nimble and adaptable infrastructure



  • Ingredient sourcing

  • Packaging and branding co-relationships

  • Wild Culture propagation 

  • Timely production and fulfillment

  • Fermentation and blending

  • Private labeling + bottling

  • Quality Control

  • Forced or natural carbonation

  • Kegging, Bottling, Canning, and additional formats

  • Full IBC totes of base product 



Cultured Kombucha Co. specializes in fermentation  and can obtain Organic Certification for your product with organic ingredients at a fraction of the cost of getting your own complete certification.

We are able to bottle in multiple formats and closures, can, and keg — force-carbonated, naturally carbonated, or still. 

Consultation is available to help navigate certification, flavor development, formula tweaking, pricing, logistics, market strategies, and other business needs. We can seamlessly take over production and shipping logistics for an established product, or develop your dream product and handle process, sourcing, packaging, and branding while connecting you to our network of established providers.

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